Venture Builders Lab.

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We streamline processes across various disciplines and services, ensuring the creation and enhancement of remarkable solutions.

Our goal is to empower businesses, unlocking their full potential through our comprehensive support.

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Years of working together

Our team is closely-knit; we understand each other and excel in collaboration. We are passionate about constructing thrilling projects and relish the opportunity to engage with exceptional new teams.



We have successfully delivered products and solutions to industry giants including Etisalat, Tata Communications, Microsoft, Heineken, P&G, Seat, and T-Mobile, among many others.



Based in Czechia, our experience spans across the globe. We've collaborated with teams in the USA, Mexico, UK, Poland, Germany, UAE, Pakistan, and India, showcasing our international expertise and adaptability.

KPIs First. That's what we keep in the mind. Always.



We search the market. Locally, globally. We look for numbers, patterns and competitors. We build market analysis, business models, P/L and all other KPI-based sheets to make data-driven decisions.

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We led technical teams across multiple continents. We led teams in the USA, in India or UAE. When it was required, we moved to another continent for a year or to a different country for many months. We do what needs to be done.

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We often need to negotiate deals between third-party companies or clients. We've successfully negotiated with C-level manages at Tier 1 MNOs, banks, retail and governmental sector.

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UX/UI Design

User journey, use cases, flows, UX and UI. We love to design all this in a way to make the project above expectations.

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Creating great documents such as Sales Books, Play Books, Pitch Decks and general presentations, including One-Pager is something we do as a daily bread.

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Corporate identity, logos, manuals of visual principles, non-traditional business cards and other branding needs are part of what we deliver.

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If the part of the project is the development of Android, iOS apps and PWA (Progressive Web App) as well, we are ready to make it happen. We are also use to discussions with Apple and Google stores approval teams.

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16+ years of Amazon Web Services, 7+ years of Google Firebase and 6+ years of custom proprietary T-1 clouds gives us a solid background to design the right solution for the project with perfect price to performance ratio.

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Technical Discovery

Technical Discovery and Supervision are usually one of the component of every successful project. It's like with a house construction. You simply just don't start writing down the documentation. You first speak with the architects, designers and engineers prior you write down a full vision and specifications.

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Sidney & Tomas

PwC Blockchain


Sidney Zdenek delivered a presentation on blockchain-based solutions at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), aimed at managers and project leaders. The focus was on the transparency offered by blockchain technology, highlighting its potential to develop new projects that address both local and global issues.

Sidney & Tomas

Satoshi Blockchain Asia


Presenting unique data gifting solution at Satoshi Blockchain Asia. Solution compliant with Tata Communications and wide range of MNOs and VMNOs. Sidney presented how precious the data is for everyday live and that people should have the right to connect to the internet. Globally.

Sidney & Tomas

The first Czech juror at Awwwards


In 2013, Tomáš Silný became the first Czech juror of the prestigious Awwwards portal, which evaluates projects from all over the world in terms of design, technology and innovation. Read more.

Our Clients

We have collaborated with Tier-1, mid-size companies, and startups.

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Sidney Zdenek Hornych

Founding Partner

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Tomas Silny

Founding Partner

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