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Sidney Zdenek Hornych

Business consultant, blockchain, machine learning, and AI enthusiast. Pathfinder.

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Navigating International Markets, Entrepreneurship, and Technological Innovation

About Sidney Zdenek Hornych

With a collaborative tenure exceeding two decades alongside Tomas, specializes in partnerships and business development.

His career highlights include the successful exit from a specialized merchandising production company and a digital agency renowned for its talented in-house team. These ventures have steered his focus towards international markets, fostering partnerships in the USA, LATAM, and UAE, and securing a contract with Etisalat by E&, ranked as the world's 8th largest carrier. Sidney's entrepreneurial journey includes co-founding an influencer marketing platform with Tomas and Joey and its exit in 2022.

His expansive career also features collaborations with leading international agencies such as MarkBBDO, WMC Grey, Ogilvy, Havas Prague, Leo Burnett, and McCANN. In these roles, he adeptly managed project coordination and the implementation of technological products for clients including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Regional Development, University of Chemistry and Technology, Czech Telecommunication Office, Volkswagen Group, and BMW Invelt.

He also contributed to the beverage industry through projects with Starobrno Brewery and Heineken Brewery. Demonstrating his versatility, Sidney also served as the CEO of Tivoli Audio ČR, a distinguished audio company founded in Massachusetts in 2000 by the legendary Henry Kloss and entrepreneur Tom DeVesto.

Committed to making a difference, Sidney actively supports non-profit and social impact projects. Since 2016, he has been collaborating with the Lilie & Karel Janecek Foundation, mentoring social impact companies and offering his expertise in technical and business domains.

Currently, his attention is riveted on a diverse range of cutting-edge fields including AI, hyper-automation, investing in green energy, robotics, artificial intelligence, gene therapy, energy storage solutions, and blockchain technology, showcasing his commitment to being at the forefront of technological innovation at Twogether.One.

Tomas Silny

Tomas combines Technology, Strategy, and a Passion for excellence, making him a driving force at Twogether.One.


Driving Innovation and International Success in Product and Solution Development.

About Tomas Silny

A visionary in product and solution development, Tomas has an impressive portfolio of work with international giants such as Microsoft, Heineken, Škoda Auto, P&G, T-Mobile, and Tata Communication.

His leadership has been pivotal in managing diverse international teams, most notably in executing the technical aspects of a unique analytical platform for Etisalat by E&, the 8th largest carrier worldwide.

This project saw Tomas coordinating efforts between teams in the Czech Republic and India. His expertise extends beyond technical prowess; Tomas has been a trailblazer as the first Czech judge at the global web competition, contributing his insights to numerous participants for over a year.

As a full-stack engineer with a knack for UI & UX, his passion for AI, blockchain, and automation makes Tomas a driving force for innovation at Twogether.One.